Students have been giving us feedback on the 36 fruit and woodland trees that we raised funds for and planted in December and March. Since then each of 22 classes at the school have been allocated several trees to call their own and to care for the years ahead. The plan we provided included monthly weeding, mulching and watering which varied according to the season and weather conditions. A further 24 trees are planned to be planted at the school in December this year including 10 cherry trees, making 60 trees in total. Below are just some of the amazing quotes we have read from students from Year 1 through to Year 6 so far:

“I like going to water the tree because it needs us to look after it and help it grow” -Maya, Year3

“Our tree used to be just tall but now it’s got leaves and looks healthier” -Immy, Year3

“I love watering our tree and helping it grow up big and healthy. I think when it’s bigger it will be a home for birds” -Will, Year3 

It’s been amazing watching all the trees grow and develop leaves and branches. ” – Blake

The trees look very happy.”  – Remy

The trees look really lovely on the field“. – Frankie

I’ve enjoyed watching the trees grow taller“. – Willow

I like how all the trees are healthy“. – Amylee

I like all the trees because they are all different in their own way.” – Poppy 

I really enjoy watering our trees. I like watching the trees grow. I have noticed that the trees have grown a lot. My favourite thing about the trees is watering them. It is fun but hard work.”

I am finding the trees very interesting. Watering them is such fun and I enjoy watching them develop and grow. When the trees were planted we didn’t know what they were but now  they’ve grown more we can see that they are silver birch trees.”

I liked watering the trees because it taught me about how the soil absorbs the water and how trees need water to grow and thrive. It was also quite fun as I did it with my friends. It was interesting to see how the trees grew and moved through their life cycle stages. “- Lilija Y6

I have enjoyed watering the trees because it feels like I have done a bit to help the world and nature. It has been great to watch the trees grow.  ” – Evelyn Y6

“I love watering the trees and watching the regeneration of the trees. It makes me feel happy and excited. When I see the trees I’m happy for the day “. Jasper Y4

“I think our tree grows fast. It started thin but now its thicker and more branches will grow. There are already some leaves and some more but there will be more.”  Miraj

“I think it’s doing really well because it’s got a lot of green leaves. The leaves look healthy because they are not dried up. The trunk is nice and thick also staying up right. “ Polly

 “We were very excited when we knew that our tree was the Indian Bean Tree as it was so tall and had no branches! We called it ‘Sky’ because it is so tall.  We have enjoyed watering it and waiting to see it develop branches………….. we have been extremely patient waiting for something to happen.  To encourage it to grow, we have sung to it, talked to it and have now resorted to shouting, ‘GROW!’ at it. ”

Thanks again to all the corporate supporters including Focus Group Ltd, Helme & Hallett Ltd, Coop, Aviva Community Fund, as well as the parents who helped make this project possible.