What is Tree Action?

Tree Action is a not for profit community interest company launched in 2019 that organises and raises funds for tree planting projects in schools, colleges, or on public land. We aim to connect young people with the environment to support their mental well-being, give them the opportunity to learn about and care for trees, and make their own positive contributions to tackling climate change.

To date  we have run successfully fundraised over £50,000 to deliver 7 school tree planting projects in Sussex, with 20 – 50 fruit and woodland trees per school. Our supporters in the process have included Aviva Community Fund, Save Our Wild Isles, WWF, M&S, Co-Op, Waitrose, Tesco, Focus Group Ltd and RLF to name a few.

In addition we are organising community tree planting and maintenance projects on public land working with local authorities, plus projects on farms and private land for team tree planting days!

We believe so much more is possible. 

Businesses have the opportunity to give something back to their community by improving the natural environment and supporting young peoples engagement with it.

We need your support so we can continue the delivery of projects like these.

Read more about our school projects here.


Who is Tree Action?

Tree Action is able to run thanks to our ever growing network of supporters and volunteers.

Camille Solá-Rosado
Fundraising Volunteer

Claire Roberts
Conservation Volunteer

Sean Blue
Fundraising Volunteer

Dean Blue
Fundraising Volunteer

Ella Ward
Conservation Volunteer

Felix Chung

Janet Muscard
School Liason Volunteer

Melanie Abbott
Conservation Volunteer

Ricky Purnell

Plus: Grey – Marketing Volunteer, Ross – Fundraising Volunteer, Liam – Arborist, David S- Director, and the work of so many other volunteers who have supported our projects!

Looking to Support Tree Action?