What is Tree Action?

Tree Action is a not for profit community interest company that organises and raises funds for tree planting projects in schools, colleges, and on public spaces in Sussex. We  connect young people with nature to support their mental well-being, give them the opportunity to learn about and care for trees, improve their environment and make a positive contribution to tackling climate change.

Working with arboriculturalists , volunteers, local authorities, schools, and environmental organisations, we identify suitable locations for tree planting, organise and fundraise for the projects and offer a blue print for their care and development.

School & College Projects

We reconnect students with their natural environment during term time as a means to better mental health. This can either be planting and maintaining trees on public land such as local parks working with local authorities, or developing plans for trees to be planted on school grounds that students can be involved in looking after. We fundraise to cover costs, which can be through crowdfunding or our business partners.

We liaise with your site manager on the space available and suitability of the site to determine suitable trees, order them, and then help you organise tree planting event days. We can bring in arboricultural specialists , forest school and conservation volunteers to provide support lessons on tree planting and care before the students take part in the the actual tree planting. We can also help you develop bespoke tree care programmes  that the students can use to then look after the trees year after year.

Shoreham Academy in West Sussex planted 30 trees in November 2019 with the help of conservation volunteers. The trees were ordered directly from the Woodland Trust. Tree Action UK organised and paid for the trees and materials and resources needed, as well as the in-class briefing  for around 20 volunteer students on tree planting and care which was provided by members of West Sussex County Council’s Tree Council team. The project took place over two days. After each session , the students put on their gloves and wellies to plant trees in the school grounds.

Those students have also been given responsibility by the school for caring for the trees afterwards as “eco ambassadors” as part of a new school sustainability initiative. 

Community Projects

We work with local authorities and private land owners to identify suitable sites and then organise tree planting events that anyone can participate in.

These events are supervised by experts who will show volunteers of any ability how to plant and care for trees. These can be young saplings (whips) or older standard trees e.g. 3-5 years old

We will already have the permission of the local authority or landowner to plant trees on each site, and there will be careful planning in advance of events to ensure the right age and variety of trees are selected for each location. Tree planting season generally runs from November – April each year. You can sign up to take part in future tree planting events in the community, we just ask for donation of any amount to take part.

It doesn’t just end at the tree planting. Young trees are vulnerable to pests, vandalism, and vehicles.   Newly planted trees need to be regularly checked , watered and tendered, so you can also take part in a care programme as a “tree buddy ” to revisit trees that have been planted on a regular basis and share what you find , so we can ensure they get established.

Adur Recreation Ground

Buckingham Park

Southwick Recreation Ground

Tree Action have been working with Adur & Worthing Borough Council planting over 100 saplings in Adur Recreation Ground, Buckingham Park and Southwick Recreation Ground with the help of volunteers. We organise monthly free ticketed events to maintain the trees at those sites with community volunteers. We also work with them to find volunteers interested in watering and maintaining trees at other sites the council have planted.  More public sites for planting will be confirmed soon for the next season.