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What is Tree Action?

Tree Action is a not for profit community interest company that organises and raises funds for tree planting projects in schools, colleges, or on public land. We aim to connect young people with the environment to support their mental well-being, give them the opportunity to learn about and care for trees, and make their own positive contributions to tackling climate change.

We have run three successful crowdfunding campaigns to date that have raised funds towards four school projects, thanks to support from Aviva Community Fund, M&S, Co-Op, Waitrose, Focus Group and RLF.

We believe so much more is possible. 

Businesses have the opportunity to give something back to their community by improving the natural environment and supporting young peoples engagement with it. 

Why is it important?

Through these projects, alongside the obvious improvements biodiversity and the environment, we aim to address the challenge of stress and mental illness in young people brought about by the effects of Covid, poverty and social media.

Often underprivileged children are deprived of connection with the natural environment, something which can be instrumental in improving their cognitive skills and improving their well-being. Students who have little or no understanding of how the natural world works can be supported with practical education on the environment and develop an early understanding of climate change mitigation.

Many schools do not have the time or resources to organise these projects or funds to pay for trees to be planted on their own site that the students can look after, or need support to do so. We aim to fill that gap to make these projects happen.

Read more about our school projects here.

Who is Tree Action?

Tree Action is able to run thanks to our ever growing network of supporters and volunteers.








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