Organising tree planting and biodiversity projects for young people in Sussex

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Improving the Environment

Tackling climate change

Connecting people & nature

Community Projects

We work with Sussex local authorities and private land owners to identify suitable public and private land sites for trees and organise tree planting events that anyone can participate in.

School Projects

We work with Sussex schools to develop on-going tree planting and maintenance programmes that engage students, including those with special educational needs, to become actively involved.

Improving the Environment and our Health

Our vision is of revitalized schools and communities with more green space, trees aplenty and happier people.

Our Aims

1) To get young people in Sussex connecting with tree planting projects in their own schools and colleges, connecting them with the environment and giving them an opportunity to make a difference, whilst making good use of grounds for tree planting projects.

2) Connect Sussex volunteers and their families with tree planting events and projects on public and private land, that make for an amazing family day out.

3) Connect corporate supporters to tree planting projects in their area, so they can make a direct and positive contribution to their environment, communities and sustainability.

4) Develop plans for students and volunteers to regularly care for and maintain young trees properly until they are well established, CO2 munching beauties.

The TreeAction volunteers have been a highly supportive partner for the Adur and Worthing Councils Parks & Foreshore and Ranges Team by connecting schools and the community to tree planting, maintenance and watering projects on public land. Their volunteers have been helping to educate students and the importance of the local environment and connecting them with nature. We would like to be able to continue working with them..

Adur & Worthing Council

We are extremely grateful to Tree Action for supporting the school with a grant to fund the planting of sixty trees in our school grounds as well as organising the project…The children understand the benefit trees can bring not only to people but to the environment and they have enjoyed being involved in planting and maintaining the trees that we have received so far as well as the trees they have planted in the local Buckingham Park.

Karyn Astle, Deputy Head Teacher, Buckingham Park Primary School, Shoreham by Sea

Tree Action Latest News

Crowdfunder at 35% of target after 10 days

Tree Action's 2nd crowdfunding campaign, this time for more Trees in Sussex Schools is underway with over £1700 funds raised in the first week.  The target to reach is £5000 by September 21st . 40% of the funds are going to support two...

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