Save Our Wild Isles, a partnership between WWF, The National Trust and RSPB, are supporting TreeAction’s latest crowdfunding campaign for trees in a local school which launched on the 26th July.                         

The campaign looks to raise £5000 to pay for 20 established fruit and woodland trees to be planted on the grounds of Woodgate Primary Academy near Crawley, West Sussex.

When completed, this will be the 5th school project TreeAction have raised funds for, organised and delivered.

The forest school students at the school will have their very own forest to care for, and TreeAction will provide the school with a maintenance plan the students can use to care for their trees after planting. The planting is due to take place early 2024.

Any donations made on the crowdfunding campaign in the next 6 weeks will be matchfunded 2:1 by Save Our Wild Isles meaning that a £20 donation for example will immediately be changed into a £60 donation. 

View the full campaign here –  TreeAction-WoodgatePrimaryAcademy’sTreeProject – a Environment crowdfunding project in Crawley by Tree Action UK (