Adur District Council in Sussex have given two further public land locations toTreeAction volunteers to plant and maintain trees. On Feb 25th at Middle Road Recreaction Ground in Soutwick, West Sussex, volunteers planted around 40 sapling trees including Hazel, Rose, Crab Apple and Birch. The plan was put together by the Adur Parks team. Children also got involved with litter pickers making the site beautiful again. A further planting event will take place at The Paddock in Lancing with a planting date of March 15th as a public event. This will brings to the total number of sites given by the council to TreeAction volunteers to maintain trees to five, the others being at Adur Rec, Southwick Rec and Buckingham Park in the Shoreham area. TreeAction are actively recruiting more conservation volunteers to help care for the trees as well as launching a fundraising campaign  to help pay for specialist watering equipment which will provide an emergency water supply service for the trees in the summer months and in the event of drought.