Last week staff from the Focus Group’s new foundation helped students from Buckingham Park Primary School in Shoreham by Sea in West Sussex plant a further 12 trees including pear, hazel, walnut and Amelanchiers paid for by their generous donation to TreeAction in support of Children’s Mental Health Week. The £4366 grant will also help cover the final stage the project which will take place in December when a further 22 trees will be planted including 10 fruiting cherry trees, more pear trees, and one oak, bringing the total planted on the site to 60 trees of different varieties from a plan put together by arborist and Park Ranger Liam Lord .The students will be out every month watering and caring for the trees , with every class responsible for specific trees, according the plan we provided to the school late last year. When completed, the entire project will have been sponsored and funded by local businesses, parents and Tree Action fundraising.