Tree Action’s 2nd crowdfunding campaign, this time for more Trees in Sussex Schools is underway with over £1700 funds raised in the first week. 

The target to reach is £5000 by September 21st . 40% of the funds are going to support two specific projects , one for more trees at Buckingham Park Primary School in Shoreham by Sea to extend their woodland and provide more fruit trees and the other to pay for a water pump to enable watering of existing trees at Eastbrook Primary Academy in Southwick. Depending on funds raised more trees will also be planted at Eastbrook.

Donors so far have included several businesses and Shoreham Power Station who took up the Silver Sponsor reward on the crowdfunding campaign. Other support has been provided in the form of pots and compost from The Garden Superstore – Plant pots, compost, seeds, garden tools | The Garden Superstore .

Retailers and local stores and business with an interest in the area are being contacted by TreeActions volunteer fundraisers. There are a number of rewards on offer that are designed engage local business staff in tree planting events. For more information go to: