On Friday 22nd November, the Warden Park Senior Team alongside other year 11 volunteers partnered with Mr Woods to plant 28 trees in front of the Millennium Woods and at the end of the field to the left of the 3G pitch. We achieved a lot before some staff volunteers came after school and continued the work.

Although, it started slowly, as we continued we began to hit our stride. After being armed with spades and pitchforks we headed to Mr. Woods to receive our marching orders. In front of the Millennium Woods twenty four holes needed to be dug out for the cherry, apple, and pear trees. In groups of three, students worked to dig out these holes whilst others filled wheelbarrows full of mulch to deliver to the aforementioned holes.

During the digging and wheel borrowing, yet more squadrons of students were carrying sturdy fence posts from the right hand side of the community garden to the tree planting site. Others still, were carrying the potted trees to the holes and some were digging out more holes to the back-left of the 3G pitch. Although at points it was a little busy, it was very enjoyable to be working on a large project with my friends.

As our time slot was coming to an end, some students helped drive the fence posts into the ground around the larger tree planting site. The progress was notable and left us feeling gratified. For my whole time at Warden Park, the only times I had been around that untamed area was during the Interhouse Crosscountry, and rarely during PE orienteering; seeing the transformation was really lovely, I enjoyed working on it, and I’m sure the others did too.

If you would like to help with projects like this and on the Community Garden as a whole in the future, please come along to help on the weekends and contact Mr Woods.

By Caleb Mohammed