Students get to work planting Rowan trees on the school grounds with assistance from staff and council arborist Peter Whish

In December 2021 the first stage of the tree planting plan, devised by Liam Lord, for Buckingham Park Primary school was delivered from funds raised by TreeAction via a crowdfunding campaign in the summer. Students and staff were involved in the planting and major donors and sponsors RLF sent some of their team assist. Invited council arborist Peter Whish gave a talk to the students before planting on the importance of trees. 22 standard trees were planted in all with varieties including plums, rowans, silver birches, several acers, plus one liquid amber and an indian bean tree, all of UK origin. A further 38 trees are still in the plan to be planted. TreeAction are currently in talks with a potential corporate donor, a local business, to pay for the remainder of the project.

It’s been confirmed that a regular maintenance plan put together by Tree Action in partnership with the school to water and care for the trees will be adopted by the students, with every class responsible for looking after a group of trees. Students will care for the same trees throughout their time at the school, watering, mulching and tending the trees almost every month. One challenge that remains is who will care for the trees during the summer recess when there is a risk of drought conditions. TreeAction are currently exploring opportunities including working with student volunteers from nearby Brighton University amongst others. Its hoped that the eventual plan will set a blueprint for how schools can plant and care for trees on site, educate students on their importance in tackling climate change, improve biodiversity, whilst connecting them with nature for their own mental well being.