Public & Private Land Projects

Working with Local authorities and/or private landowners, Tree Action can organise guided tree planting and maintenance projects off site that your students can become involved in.

In 2022 we worked with Adur & Worthing Council to organise visits by local schools to help with the planting of 70 trees to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee and in support of the Queens Green Canopy initiative. Students from several local primary schools supported Park Rangers preparing the ground for the trees, got to see some 8ft tall standards planted and added mulch to them afterwards. 

In addition to this, our Forest School Teachers have been taking groups of Year 6 classes from Buckingham Park Primary school regularly to their local park to play interactive environment games, learn about trees, as well as engage in planting or looking after 18 Sweet Chestnut trees they originally planted in 2021. They also had great fun naming all the trees. Different classes participate in monitoring, mulching and watering trees during different months.  

The Assistant Head at Buckingham Park Primary School told us some of the students had never planted anything in their lives, and many of them were raving about their experience afterwards. 

I really enjoyed planting the trees because it felt I was helping the planet. I also enjoyed naming the trees.

Edith, Buckingham Park Primary School

The best parts were naming and planting the trees, as on our second visit we could see how much they’d grown. I enjoyed the game when we had to match the leaves to a particular tree.

Chloe, Buckingham Park Primary School