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Would you like to get involved in a tree planting event on public or private land through one of our Tree Action planting days? This can include parks, recreation grounds or farms in your local county. Our events are currently in Sussex region, so if you are in the south of England, a day trip to an event will be easy to reach. All we ask is you make a donation to Tree Action UK for any tree planting event you take part in.

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Would you like help with getting trees for your school and have tree planting events organised with a lesson from an arborial specialist for your students? We can source and provide trees, organise site planning in close consultation with your site manager and your local authority, organise the tree planting event days for the students, as well as provide them with resources so they can be responsible for looking after their trees for years to come. 

For larger projects we can help you with launching a crowdfunding campaign. In 2021 we completed fundraising for Warden Park Secondary Academy raising over £7000 to pay for the regeneration of the garden and plant 57 trees later in the year. 

We organised a successful tree planting project for the students of Shoreham Academy in West Sussex last November which involved around 20 students planting 30 tree saplings on the school grounds. We arranged for the Tree Council to give a talk to the students on trees before their break, then they got their wellies on to get planting.  Hear more about it on our video.

Note: Tree planting season in the UK is November – April each year and the best time to plant is November. This can coincide with the well publicised National Tree Week in the UK. Site plans for tree planting and the fundraising project for your school need to be ready well in advance of your tree planting event !

Farms and Landowners

Are you a landowner who has space available for more trees? It may be possible to get these funded through grants, or we can crowdfund for a tree planting event with the support of conservation volunteers. We are already organising events with farms in Sussex for this November. Contact us for more info.

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We welcome donations which will help us pay for the trees, tools, stakes , guards, fertilizers etc. and keep us working for more sites to plant! Donate here