What is the 100 Club?

The 100 Club is for businesses who are looking at ways to become more sustainable to reach NetZero goals and positively impact your local community.  

Your donation of £100 per month supports tree planting and maintenance initiatives and helps schools in Sussex educate students about the environment.

“Great project for us locals and for the planet.”

Anne Y, Supporter

How will this benefit the environment?

We will be planting not just woodland trees but fruiting and flowering trees that are carefully chosen to add biodiversity as well as store carbon and clean the air we breathe. This is especially important for schools in urban areas.

“Great idea getting children involved with nature, resolving climate change and the great outdoors – a win win!”

Gavin H , Donor

How will this benefit young people?

Young people today need support engaging with the environment and understanding the important impact of trees, in order to become future environmental ambassadors. 

Additionally, there is increasing evidence that connecting with nature can help to improve the mental wellbeing of young people, helping to generate positive emotions such as calmness, joy, creativity as well as facilitating concentration.

“Great environmental project helping the communities and the mental health of young children.”

Supporter of Tree Action

How will it benefit my business?

Many businesses are looking at ways to become more sustainable to reach NetZero goals. Supporting local environmental projects by supporting tree planting in your community is a great way to start and make an immediate impact. This is an opportunity to act locally, whilst thinking globally.

“The more we engage with nature the healthier we make the world we live in for us and our future generations, planting and tending trees to replace those we have used over the years is vital work.”

Helme and Hallett Ltd, Sussex, TreeAction Sponsor

In return as a 100 Club Member you get:

  • To make a visible and direct impact on your local area
  • Trees named after your business or team members
  • Use of the “Tree Action 100 Club” Logo on your website showing your socially responsible credentials
  • Invitations for your staff to join our local tree planting or maintenance events

To discuss further contact Ricky Purnell ricky@treeaction.org.uk

To see some of our recent work with schools go to News | Tree Action UK